The most-supported recommendation by topic
Sustainable Energy for All Take concrete steps to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
Forests Restore 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded lands by 2020
Water Secure water supply by protecting biodiversity, ecosystems and water sources
Food & Nutrition Security Promote food systems that are sustainable and contribute to improvement of health
Oceans Avoid ocean pollution by plastics through education and community collaboration
Sustainable Development for Fighting Poverty Promote global education to eradicate poverty and to achieve sustainable development
Sustainable Cities & Innovation Promote the use of waste as a renewable energy source in urban environments
The Economics of Sustainable Development, including Sustainable Patterns of Production and Consumption Phase out harmful subsidies and develop green tax schemes
Unemployment, Decent Work, & Migrations Put education in the core of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda
Sustainable Development as an Answer to the Economic and Financial Crises Promote tax reforms that encourage environmental protection and benefit the poor
Participants voted for as many recommendations in as many topics as they support. The order in which the topics and the recommendations were presented was randomized to prevent bias resulting from the survey interface. Figures shown by voting segment (e.g. by Human Development Index) are significant to a 2.5% maximum margin of error at a 95% confidence level. The preliminary results presented here are not intended as a complete representation of the world’s opinion, but rather as a set of insights into the nature and distribution of public support for various proposed actions concerning sustainable development. They should be considered in light of certain biases inherent to the survey methodology. To receive a complete report once it is published, please contact us.

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