Select a topic and compare the degree of support for each recommendation overall and by voting segment (Continent, Human Development Index (HDI), Age, and Gender). A black bar indicates that this was the most highly-supported recommendation for this voting segment in this topic.
% Voters
by Continent
by Human Development Index
by Age
by Gender
Participants voted for as many recommendations in as many topics as they support. The order in which the topics and the recommendations were presented was randomized to prevent bias resulting from the survey interface. Figures shown by voting segment (e.g. by Human Development Index) are significant to a 2.5% maximum margin of error at a 95% confidence level. The preliminary results presented here are not intended as a complete representation of the world’s opinion, but rather as a set of insights into the nature and distribution of public support for various proposed actions concerning sustainable development. They should be considered in light of certain biases inherent to the survey methodology. To receive a complete report once it is published, please contact us.